Just reading everyone’s statuses about leaving college and 6th form (especially the 6th form I attended..) is really quite emotional for me. It’s something I never got to experience…

I don’t regret my decision to drop out, at the time it was the best thing for me. I wasn’t coping very well and although I tried to hide it, I was a mess. Teachers knew I was self harming despite attempts to cover it up… I could barely sit my exams because of constant panic attacks… I spent a lot of time skipping lessons and hiding in the lower school toilets and I had feelings that I was confused about…

So I dropped oi, much to the disappointment of my family who expected me to go on to uni…

Yes sometimes I think about the fact that I have no a levels and the highest level of education I have is gcse’s (results of which I was very proud). Though I only just made it through those. I’m determined that my lack of education won’t stop me from being successful… At the end of the day, qualifications aren’t everything… Experience is what matters

So I dropped out of 6th form and was unemployed for all of a month until I found an apprenticeship.. I have an nvq in business administration and I now have a full time job doing something which I, surprisingly, love ! I am earning a good wage and getting experience at something that could set me up for life.

The only issue I now have is that I wonder if I will ever pursue my dream.. Will I ever have a book published or a peice of journalism in a newspaper ? Let me tell you - yes I will. I speak to people about this alot because it is something so important to me. I tell them about my dream but that I don’t think I’m going to achieve it.. It is these people that have given me faith.. People I don’t know (I was drunk at a family wedding), people who I work with and those close to me all have so much more faith in me than I have ever had in myself, if they believe I can do it, then guess what .. I can !

I have always dreamt of being an author or a journalist and now that I am more grown up and mature I realise neither of those jobs are viable as a full time position.. It’s so difficult to succeed unless you are the likes of jk Rowling, Stephanie Meyer or any of the other great authors.. But that doesn’t mean I can’t realise my dreams ! I have a stable job so why can’t I follow my dreams and do something like it !

Yes you don’t have to tell me how difficult it is to get published ! I have tried and failed before !! All I need to do is put all of my emotions and frustrations back in to my writing. Writers block is a thing of the imagination Zoe ! It doesn’t exist, it is created by writers like me who have lacked the motivation !! We hit a wall where we cannot bring ourselves to write and call it writers block as if it is a medical problem we have ! Well I am going to eradicate this problem and get on with it !! First things first I am going to save up and buy myself a new laptop…

Then it begins

I am determined and that is why I will succeed

I have overcome too much to start giving up now !!

I still have so many issues with my emotions and controlling them.. Why don’t I out that to some use ! Like right now I feel alone and very frustrated, and look at what I have written !!

Watch this space …



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The 25 Most Unfortunate Names in Sports History

You made it to the big leagues! Now everyone will see your name in lights! Kids will proudly wear your jersey to school! Hold on, your name is what?!

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Feeling shite. Hate Mother’s Day, have to basically stay away from Facebook and twitter for the whole day


I miss you. Stop being too busy and make time for me please…


This man…

Feel really unloved and lonely.. :/

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Not this again…. boys. When will you learn?

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